Visual and actionable copywriting brings 29% uplift in sign-ups


Visual and actionable copywriting brings 29% uplift in sign-ups

— The results

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Lift in Free Trial Sign-ups

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Lift in Demo Requests

What we did

Rydoo is a single app, representing the shared vision of 3 companies: Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure. Since June, 2018 their main focus is on helping companies and employees focus on what really matters by eliminating painful and frustrating processes.

Rydoo’s aims to change the way worldwide companies work. Over 500k professionals across 60 countries use the app to simplify travel and expense management.

Among the many things we’ve A/B tested for them, copy and CTAs have proven to be most effective, generating 29,91% uplift in Free Trial Sign-ups and 42% uplift in Demo Requests.

How we did it

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