Product Page Redesign increases sales by 20.14%


Product Page Redesign increases sales by 20.14%

— The results

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Lift in Purchase Conversion Rate

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More Transactions

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Improvement in Revenue

What we did

Happy Tea is a health and wellness supplement company. Their products are aimed to helping people suffering from anxiety or leading a stressful life overcome these issues and take back control over their own lives. 

The company offers a wide range of CBD products, from teas to creams, oils, and gummies, thus promoting whole body health. With almost two years of activity in the digital space, Happy Tea is constantly growing and the business is quickly expanding. 

One of the most successful experiments we’ve conducted for them was a product page redesign. The A/B test generated amazing results, which is why we went ahead and implemented the new layout on the website. 

How we did it

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