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Landing Pages Optimization with Ontrack Analytics

A landing page is, at its core, a page you send traffic to. It’s the place where visitors land after they click on one of your ads. Its purpose is to convince users to take some sort of action, thus generating a type of conversion – be it leads, downloads, purchases or any type of key performance metrics. This is what makes the landing page good – not expensive designs and pretty colors.

Your landing page is the most important part of the funnel. Improving your landing page will have a massive impact on your funnel’s performance/conversion rate. Most marketers spend tons of money on all sorts of campaigns, but when it comes to optimizing their landing pages for conversions, they only apply the best practices and end it there. Doing this represents a money-wasting shortcut. This is the often neglected, obvious truth: a killer campaign won’t accomplish much without a proper landing page where visitors end up converting.

How do I create high converting landing pages?

While there are some best practices you should follow, taking your landing page to the next level mostly depends on how well you understand the audience in relation to your page. Don’t worry though, there’s a solution for everything. 

Start out with best practices. It’s what they’re there for, to set a standard. Examine how your audience interacts with your page, what works and where are the drop-offs and why – and fine-tune it with A/B Testing.

What makes a landing page convert?

  • The headline is where you state your unique value proposition. First of all, it needs to be relatable to your targeted audience. Make it as clear and as concise as possible. It also helps to make it catchy. 
  • The copy should inform prospects about the features of your product and, most importantly, about the benefits they will receive after using your product. Benefits sell. 
  • You should also answer any worries or concerns they might have in regards to your product. Look at your page from the perspective of the customer. Use the same language as your target group and be as relevant as possible in order to send the right message. The purpose of this is to convince the user into taking the desired action. Don’t distract with any unnecessary information. 
  • The visual hierarchy must lead him down the road to a good CTA that aims to solve the user’s problem.
  • Tip: your page will have better results if your copy and design/style stays consistent across both the ad and the landing page.
  • Loading speed is crucial. Especially if your audience consists mostly of mobile users.

How do I increase the conversion rate of my landing page?

Test, test, test. Everything. Well, not quite everything, but the elements that have the most impact on your conversion rate. 

It’s the only way in which you can get scientifically proven results and scale to infinity and beyond.

  • A/B Testing – Page

What should we test on our landing page in order to improve its performance?

Highlight the characteristics that make them (elements) stronger. 

Headline  – The headline is the first thing a user sees after accessing your page.

Copy  – Your landing page copy should focus on increasing trust and showcasing customers’ benefits.

Visuals – The best visuals are the ones that complete and enforce the idea behind the headline and copy. 

The form  – Optimizing your form(s) can have a high impact. If you want to go more in-depth on this subject, here’s a great article about web form optimization.

CTAs – Everything on the page needs to lead visitors into clicking the call to action. needs to fit in perfectly among the headline, copy, and visuals.

  • A/B Testing – Traffic Acquisition

With growth as an objective, testing doesn’t stop at the page level. You must also a/b test your ads in order to scale your entire funnel. If you’re at the beginning of this, start out with the best practices. This will set a baseline for further optimization down the road. After reaching a favorable outcome, start A/B testing variables on your ads and see if you can increase their performance. Change one variable and test it against the original control version, just as you do with any sort of a/b testing.

Ontrack Analytics Landing Pages Report Conversion rate by traffic source
Screenshot of Ontrack Analytics Landing Pages Report

Examples of good landing pages

  • Apple
Apple iphone landing page

The iPhone 11 Pro landing page is a beautiful example of design and marketing. I once heard Andre Morys say Apple could take all the CTAs out of their pages and people would still buy the products just the same. 

However, if you access, there are 4 CTAs in the upper portion of the page designed to orient you towards buying an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.


  • Slack
Slack landing page

If you’re new to Slack, the headline will tell you exactly what you need to know. The subhead reinforces the idea that Slack is for smart people. The video, showcasing the difference between organized vs non-organized workspace back up the main idea of the page. The second video shows you how your company’s conversations are similar to the balls in the first one.

Slack Landing Page


  • Printful
Printful landing page

Printful knows exactly who they’re marketing to. They let creatives and print on demand entrepreneurs know right from the get-go they can help you easily create and sell custom products online. The image shows off a small variety of products that Printful can help create.

There are 2 CTAs: Start selling – for anyone looking to start a POD business. and Order for yourself – in case you want to order a sample or you just want to put your own design on a specific product. Right below the two CTAs there is a social proof area, showing you where the orders are from.


  • Klaviyo
Klaviyo landing page

Klaviyo splits incoming traffic into new and returning visitors. New visitors see the upper variant. Returning visitors see this message and call to action:

Klaviyo landing page for returning users


  • Fullstory
Fullstory landing page analysis

Every element on the page combines perfectly with the others. The headline tells the visitor exactly what Fullstory does and means to their business. The sub-head copy touches on pain points and, together with the visual, they demonstrate how Fullstory can help solve the problems.


  • VWO
VWO landing page analysis

Question: Who usually makes the decision to use which software? Especially software concerned with business growth? 

Answer: Marketing managers and higher-ups, results-driven people concerned with strategy and growth. This landing page speaks directly to them.


  • CXL
CXL Conversion XL Landing Page analysis

ConversionXL beautifully designed a dual purpose landing page for their website.  Every piece of content here is built with duality in mind. It speaks to both: a) CXL Institute interested marketers and b) prospects looking for help with growing their business.  a piece of copy that talks to both, agency prospects and CXL Institute prospects. 


  • Oberlo
Oberlo landing page analysis

There’s plenty to like on the Oberlo page. It has an actionable headline with the USP is integrated inside the headline. The copy is addressing prospects’ pain points and benefits. It has a specific CTA and right below the CTA, there’s copy meant to increase the level of trust.


If you want a more detailed explanation for high converting landing pages, check out this article -> How to design a good landing page

Changing random things don’t increase the success of your landing page. You need data to know what and how to optimize and for who.

This is where Ontrack Analytics comes in handy. Ontrack Analytics App connects to your Google Analytics account and performs a conversion audit of your data, returning actionable insights – personally tailored for your specific situation. In the reports, you will see exactly what’s working and what needs to be tested, based on data your website has received until now. The aim of Ontrack Analytics is to help you increase the performance of your website.


Ontrack Analytics App

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