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An 18.00% increase in Revenue Per User through thumbnail navigation

An 18.00% increase in Revenue Per User by using thumbnail navigation

— The results

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Increase in Revenue Per User

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Increase in quantity of items per order

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What we did

Copycat Fragrances was born from one simple idea – why couldn’t perfumes and aftershaves be cheaper? Some of the world’s best-loved scents were so expensive; why exactly were we all being charged so much?

This quickly turned into a very successful business, with tens of thousands of happy clients. 

We wanted to showcase the expanded range of products and to offer a familiar browsing experience to users. That’s why we decided to test a “thumbnail navigation”, similar to the story format you see on Instagram or Facebook. 

This brought an increase of 18% in revenue per user and a 4% increase in the engagement with the collections.

How we did it

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