Optimizing the cover of your website – the hero section

Optimizing the cover of your website - the hero section

— The results

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Engagement with the hero section

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Total revenue

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Ecommerce conversion rate

The Client

Legendary Wall Art is a company selling custom canvases for home decoration. What started as a personal need for legendary wall art has now turned into a marketplace where anyone can find their passion and display it loud and clear for everyone to see.

The test hypothesis

By creating a visually appealing and explicit hero section we can convince users to browse through more products and spend more time on the website.

The idea behind the experiment

After completing our analytics data & qualitative research, we noticed in the heatmaps that not many users were interacting with the main banner on the homepage. The hero section represents the cover of a website and should be the element that receives the most attention from all website visitors.

We wanted to grab the users’ attention from their first seconds on the homepage, and motivate them to continue down the sales funnel by interacting with the two calls to action.

Our goal was to improve engagement with the buttons on the hero section, as well as increase the number of visits to collections and product pages and ultimately the conversion rate and total revenue.

The visual changes

We tested 2 different images and 2 different messages, as well as optimized the buttons and their call-to-action on all variations.

Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4

The results


After testing the new variations through our testing tool, we concluded that users interacted a lot more with all 4 variations, with Variation 3 recording the highest engagement. The new design was successfully implemented on the website.

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