Boost Your Sales with an Explanatory GIF Set

Boost Your Sales with an Explanatory GIF Set

— The results

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Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Total Revenue

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Revenue per User

The Client

LastObject is a Danish manufacturing company, based in Copenhagen that sells sustainable products online and in retail globally. Having been launched in 2016, the company is best known for producing LastSwab, a reusable cotton swab.

The Problem

The results from our polls showed us that some users need more information on product usage, as well as the process of washing them.

The explanatory GIFs can get lost in the product gallery, and thus users might not even get to see them before they decide to make a purchase.

The Solution

We added a separate scrollable area for the GIF files on product pages. 

By creating a separate dedicated area for the GIF files, we can make sure users see and understand how the products are used and thus encourage them to make a purchase.

The results


The test won with a 99% confidence rate.

The separate area for GIFs increased the chance they are seen by users. By showing them how the products are used we influenced their decision to buy, leading to an increase in all followed metrics.

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