Increased accessibility and contrast leads to increased conversion rates

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Contrasting Colors Highlight the User Journey and Increase the Conversion Rate

The Client

Salty Captain is the #1 salt wash and engine flush for boats and water vessels. With an established presence in the US, Australia and New Zealand, this B2C company offers worldwide delivery of their salt wash, engine flush and boating gear. 

— The results

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Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Clicks on Announcement Bar

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Total Revenue

The Problem

After analyzing heatmaps and sessions recordings, we noticed that few users interacted with the announcement bar on the website. Further user testing has revealed that website visitors were not aware of the ongoing sales and offers on the website.

The Solution

We tested a different color of the announcement bar so that it stood out and users were immediately aware of the ongoing sales and offers. The bar was also made sticky along with the menu so that it was visible at all times.


The results


The confidence rate for the clicks on the announcement bar gives us 100% certainty that the variation outperformed the original. More users saw and read the announcement bar and proceeded to the next step of the sales funnel. 

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