The books that will make you smarter and better at your job

It’s no secret that books will make you smarter 🙂 📚

Books are meant to be enjoyed, wherever and however you come across them. Nick Hornby is saying that “the regrettable thing about the culture war we still seem to be fighting is that it divides books into two camps, the trashy and the worthwhile”. Why worry if there is a difference between them and why not get something useful out of anything you read?

Although I am a strong believer in reading any kind of book and deciding on my own if I want to finish it or just toss in the “tried it, didn’t like it” pile, I love seeing lists of books that the people I follow are reading.

I came across Dan Sullivan through one of Peep Laja’s posts and I think I ended up reading almost everything he wrote.

Since summer is coming, let’s see if we can find some good book recommendations. Here is a tiny list of some of the books I feel have made an impact in my career, business, conversion optimization, and all the life in between.

In no particular order:

💡 Million-dollar consulting by Alan Weiss (it really does shift your perspective as a consultant and it will have you earning more and feeling better about it)

💡 Free to focus by Michael Hyatt (life-changing for those, like me, with the attention span of a banana)

💡 Who not how by Dan Sullivan (it’s all about the people you surround yourself with – how to build the most amazing team to help you reach your goals and create a great company)

💡 Obviously Awesome by April Dunford (helps so much with copywriting in CRO, you don’t have to be a product manager or start-up founder to get a ton of value out of it)

💡 Behave by Robert Sapolsky (difficult read but you feel at least 10x smarter after you’ve read it and it changes your perspective on life and behaviour a lot more than you think)

💡 Do the Kind Thing by Daniel Lubetzky 🇺🇦 (as much of an amazing business book as it is a looking glass into the heart and mind of an entrepreneur and all the struggles that come with the job)

💡 Zero to One by Peter Thiel (just read it, you’ll have a better understanding of the start-up world and you’ll find new inspiration in it)

💡 Hooked by Nir Eyal (An amazing read for anyone in the subscription business)

What are some of the books you feel made you a bit better at what you do?

By Andra Baragan

Andra Baragan is an experienced conversion optimization specialist and a certified ConversionXL Optimizer and Data Analyst. She has worked with over 80 online businesses and has brought over 6 figures in increased revenue for them. She is the founder of Ontrack Digital Agency.

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