Bring +30% More Revenue by Matching Upsells to Products

Bring +30% More Revenue by Matching Upsells to Products

— The results

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Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Total Revenue

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Revenue per Session

The Client

DYLN created a convenient way for people to optimize their hydration through the power of alkaline antioxidant water. The water bottle was born when founder Dorian Ayres noticed a missing link in the premium water market, creating a solution for cost-effective alkaline water on-the-go.

The Problem

After completing our heuristic research, we noticed that it takes a while to search for a matching color in the upsell sections on the product pages and the cart.

Furthermore, sessions recordings and clickmaps have shown that users interact a lot with the colors selectors of upsells, most likely searching for matching colors for the products they selected.

The Solution

By matching the colors between the selected product and the upsells we can inspire users to buy additional accessories for the DYLN bottle.

We wanted to ease the user journey, as well as inspire users to purchase additional bottom guards and caps for the bottles they intended to purchase.

Control – Product Page
Control – Cart
Variation – Product Page
Variation – Cart

The results


Showing users upsells in the same colors as the product they have selected or added to the cart has inspired them to buy additional accessories for the DYLN bottle.

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