A 17.35% increase in CTR has boosted relative conversion rate by 332.43%


A 17.35% increase in CTR has boosted relative conversion rate by 332.43%

— The results

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Increase in relative conversion rate

C100BD19-33B3-4B92-8899-6AE6594215EECreated with sketchtool.


Increase in CTR from Blog article to main sales funnel

What we did

Designhill.com, one of the leading creative marketplace has a blog that focuses on business related articles as well as design tips and tricks.

A certain article from their blog was attracting the most organic traffic. These users came here with the sole purpose of finding out how to design a good logo. But the main CTA that led them in the sales funnel was not emphasized enough.

We decided to test an interactive widget that will take the users into the funnel immediately. Our hypotheses has proven to be correct as the CTR from article to the funnel has increased by 17.35%.

The biggest win here is that the relative conversion rate has increased by a staggering 332.43%! This is mainly because we redirected users in the second step of the funnel, keeping them engaged and hyper targeting the message to the right audience, at the right time.

How we did it

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