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You’ve heard about landing page optimization. You think you need it, but you’re not sure what it implies? Say no more! We’re here to help you create a better experience for your users and reduce ad spend.

If you’re investing a lot in paid advertising, but it doesn’t really pay off, the solution is landing page optimization. It is the key to increasing conversion rates and reducing client acquisition costs.

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More exactly, what is a landing page?

  • A landing page is what you call the entry point for each user on your website.
  • In digital marketing terms, you could refer to a landing page as a separate webpage created specifically for a marketing campaign. It’s the place where users who clicked on one of your ads, links, posts, etc. land.
  • Typically, landing pages have the purpose of persuading users into taking ONE action – that is, to register as a member, give out contact details, obtain an email address in exchange for a product (whitepapers, infographics, etc.)
  • When you are designing this type of landing page you need to keep your traffic sources in mind – this landing page is especially designed for paid traffic, such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing and others.


Landing page optimization: Our Process

  • Before coming up with the right landing page optimization strategy, we’ll need to know what is the purpose of the page, as well as the goal: to increase sales for product x, to get more people to sign up for a free trial, to fill out a form. The optimization process depends a lot on the type of conversion and your business goals.
  • We’ll also talk about your target audience, as well as your traffic acquisition strategies. First of all, a landing page needs to be relevant  – what is being promoted in the ad needs to match the information that can be found on the landing page. Secondly, a landing page should be specific to an audience. For instance, if your visitors are mostly mobile users, we need to make sure that the landing page is mobile responsive. In the same way, if you have created this landing page for 18-25 year old women, we need to check if the copy (message, tone of voice) is tailored towards this type of audience.
  • Then, we’ll perform a heuristic analysis on your landing page, identifying potential reasons why users drop-off.
  • Qualitative research is mandatory for validating (or invalidating) the observations we’ve just made during our heuristic analysis. We’ll use tools such as heatmaps and session recordings to get a better read on your audience and understand their motivations, fears and anxieties. Qualitative research can also bring to surface issues we didn’t even know that existed in the first place.
  • After learning why users drop-off instead of converting, we start applying treatments and this is how the optimization process begins. We will create testing hypothesis based on our findings, design and implement every A/B test (a comparison between the existing page and a variation that we create with the purpose of improving user experience). You’ll receive updates on the evolution of the tests, as well as final results.
  • We’ll optimize your landing page by reducing friction and addressing the issues that are currently preventing users to convert in higher numbers. What you’ll be getting in return is more conversions, which will enable you to reduce your traffic acquisition costs and increase revenue.

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Work Process

We love to work hard and create things. Inspiration is the one word we love and we put it into our work everyday. We are divided into different teams yet there is still active collaboration among groups.
Conversion Research + 1 A/B test running

Delivery of conversion optimization audit and making sure the system is in place for A/B testing.

Implementation of first A/B tests in their order

Based on the prioritization document, we will implement experiments one by one and run them.

Ongoing CRO + Revised Conversion Research

We will continue implementing and running the experiments in our list while also updating the conversion research with data for the past three months.

Reiteration + New experiments

Based on the results of the previous experiments, we will decide if we should reiterate on some (change the way we applied the theory) or go ahead and implement new experiments.