A Good Hero Section Can Bring a 13% Uplift in Conversion Rate

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A Good Hero Section Can Bring a 13% Uplift in Conversion Rate

— The results

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Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Revenue per User

The Client

Salty Captain is the #1 salt wash and engine flush for boats and water vessels. With an established presence in the US, Australia and New Zealand, this B2C company offers worldwide delivery of their salt wash, engine flush and boating gear. 

The Problem

After completing our analytics data & qualitative research, we noticed in the heatmaps and sessions recordings that not many users were interacting with the main banner on the homepage.

The hero section represents the cover of a website and should be the element that receives the most attention from all website visitors.

The Solution

By creating a visually appealing and explicit hero section we can convince users to browse through more products and spend more time on the website.

We wanted to grab the users’ attention from their first seconds on the homepage, and motivate them to continue down the sales funnel, so we reduced the height of the main banner and added a contrasting CTA button.


The results


The optimized hero section called more users to action, increasing the overall conversion rate and subsequently the revenue per user and total revenue.

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